Massive wave,Powerful structure,and human safety

Teman-teman suatu saat kita akan sangat bisa membangun kuat,berdiri tegak menantang ombak-ombak ganas di lautan luas.

Simak aja video ini sambil ngabuburit,sapa tau bisa menambah semangat belajar di semester ini tentunya di kelautan tercinta.




One of the most recognizable lighthouse photographs in the world. When first seeing the famous and historical photograph, most people assume that the lighthouse keeper must have been killed. In fact, the keepers had been living in fear of death during the 1989 storm and at one point had taken refuge in the lantern room of the tower. Waves the night before had smashed through the lower windows of the tower, causing the structure to flood, washing away everything in its path including the television, table, chairs, coffee maker and even the refrigerator. The keepers in fact were waiting to be rescued by helicopter. Assuming the rescue chopper had arrived, one of the keepers opened the lower door of the structure and looked up at the helicopter but realized that it was not the rescue chopper. He also realized that a giant wave was about to engulf the tower. He immediately turned about and pulled the door closed behind him.If he had not done it, so at that second, he surely would have been killed.


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